Sahm Adrangi, Making his Own Path and Making Money Doing it

Testosterone-laden, adrenaline-fueled, besides being possessed of rugged good-looks. His charismatic patina and persona aside, the thirty-something, Iranian-Canadian investor, Sahm Adrangi, is nothing if not an entrepreneur, exceedingly comfortable with risk and the road less traveled, persistent, dogged and ultimately successful. Ascension to the helm of his now renowned company, Kerrisdale Capital Management, was not accomplished with a silver spoon in his mouth, or a velvet path beneath his feet.

Not unlike other maverick money-makers, the thirty-something investing guru began with a single room and a desire to fight and right a wrong as he saw it. His initial target consisted of some scammy Asian companies. Like a twenty-something gamer, Sahm Adrangi leveled a photon-torpedo bolt, (only in this case the bolt was loaded with insight, acumen and instinct,) at the deceitful companies, thereby leveling them and in the process discovering both a stairwell to sucess, as inevitably the larger tycoon-sized fish began to take note of tbis upstart new perch in their pond, and a signature methodology he would come to be noted for; that is the challenging maverick-move of short-selling stocks.

Blossoming from a one-room operation into a 250 million dollar hedge fund, that emerged onto the official world-business stage in July of 2009, the company that began when Sahm Adangi took down some Chinese companies, has since delivered net returns of over one thousand and one hundred percent, more than five times higher than similar returns generated by S&P 500. In the process, Kerrisdale Capital Mangement has made a recognizable world-wide figure of Sahm Adrangi. Still a maverick, today; Sahm Adrangi continuously peruses the niches and tangled out-of-the-way paths that go unnoticed by the teeming herds of safe and sedentary investors. Ultimately, a Sahm Adrangi-directed asset may have a bullish bent, but it’s just as likely to also reflect a foward-thinking business philosophy, centered with an eye to what’s next, because Sahm Adrangi has a decided liking for social media and for tech-related stocks. One thing’s for sure, whatever one comes to expect from Sahm Adrangi, boredom is not among the answers.

US Money Reserve, Humane Company

The U.S Money Reserve was founded in 2002 by gold market veterans. These veterans started the company because they recognized there weren’t enough qualities companies in the industry for purchasing great metals. These veterans made a great choice because since 2002 the company has grown significantly. As of today the U.S Money Reserve is home to about 250 employees. They are one of the world’s largest distributors for Gold issued from the United States Government. In addition to gold, the U.S Money Reserve also distributes Platinum and Siler Coins as well.


The U.S Money Reserve has been able to maintain a great reputation over the years because they are customer/client orientated, trust worthy, ethical, and professional. The goal for the U.S Money Reserve is to provide exceptional Coin products as well as exceptional customer service. Based on statistics, it is evident that the company actually works extremely hard to reach their goal to satisfy their customers.


The U.S Money Reserve has a number of professional specialists on their team to ensure greatness. The U.S Money Reserve has a Customer Relations Department, a Business Support Department, a Vault and Shipping Department, and Compliance, an Inventory Department, and a Standards Department. The company also has Senior Gold Specialists on their team along with numismatic experts. All of these members work together well to ensure the company functions properly.


In addition to being a great company in the business world, the U.S Money Reserve has also been working hard to give back. The company donated over $200,000 to contribute to Hurricane Harvey victims. Hurricane Harvey was a level 4 Hurricane that hit the state of Texas August 24 of 2017. The storm effected many people in negative ways. About 40,000 people were forced to evacuate their homes and seek shelters for a place to live. Even after the storm, most cities in Texas were still under water. Many people lost their homes, cars, and even lost their jobs temporarily. The damages from Hurricane Harvey even lead to several people needing medical attention. Even though there was plenty negative effects from the storm, the victims had lots of support from people all around the nation.


The U.S Money Reserve did a great deed donating to the victims of Hurricane Harvey. The CEO of U.S Money Reserve, Angela Koch, stated that she felt it was necessary to donate to the Hurricane Harvey Victims since the Hurricane did hit very close to home. Most of U.S Money Reserve clients are located in Texas. So the company felt the urge to give back to those in a time in need. All of the money raised went directly to those in the Texas Gulf Coast region of Texas. Learn more: