How a Brand Like Fabletics Can Take on Amazon

One of the most important things for aspiring entrepreneurs to understand is that business is competition. Any industry that people are going to get into is going to be competitive. Therefore, it is important to prepare for the competition. Even people who just want to make their own share of profits are going to have to compete for the space to do so. Kate Hudson has made Fabletics into a competitive brand. Among the companies it is competing with is Amazon. One of the reasons that it is going straight to Amazon for the fashion industry is because it has beat out all of the other companies in one way or another.


One of the best ways to compete with Amazon is by studying the company. The founders of Fabletics have looked into what Amazon is doing in the fashion industry. They have paid a lot of attention to the details and took plenty of notes. They have gone through what could work for them and what might work against them. After they have looked at what Amazon does and what they can take with them, they have looked at some of the things that Amazon does not do.


For one thing, Kate Hudson has decided to do something that none of the larger companies are known for doing. She has decided to make Fabletics more accessible to the customer. Among the ways they have done this is by handling their own advertising campaign. She has also engaged customers in deeper ways and met them at their level. One example of this type of engagement is when Fabletics has released a commercial that has an Instagram theme. This let people know that Fabletics is actually aware of the current trends and is even partaking in them.


One thing entrepreneurs need to understand is that business success goes far beyond the products and services that are offered. Customers also like to be a part of something meaningful. The journey can also be rewarding for customers. This is one of the reasons that it is important to engage in communities wherever possible.

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