Talk Fusion And Its Inspiring Story

Talk Fusion is more than just a company that sells products; it’s a company that wants to give all of its users available tools to spread their message with. Bob Reina was once interviewed on ABC Action News where he told a little bit of the story behind Talk Fusion and why it uses multilevel marketing as its sales model. Reina said he chose this because he didn’t want to just make money with the company, he wanted making money to involve other people also doing so. He’s written many articles for MarTech Advisor including one on video trends and how anyone can use them to market effectively and build even better relationships with customers. Learn more:


Bob Reina used to be a police officer in Tampa, FL who quit his job because he felt he could do something bigger and better with his own business. It was while he was on vacation about 13 years ago that the idea for Talk Fusion took shape, and in three years that idea became reality. He first began marketing his idea to close friends from the police department and later to more locals in the Tampa area, but soon Talk Fusion started becoming known all over the world. Talk Fusion started as a way to send videos through email, but now it uses live video broadcasting and recording to communicate closely with target audiences or to hold personal chats. Learn more:


Talk Fusion works like other multilevel marketing companies in that its products are sold by associates who earn commission for every Talk Fusion account sold and every person they refer who joins the associate program. While most associates only work part-time at about 10 hours a week, some have taken up working for Talk Fusion on a full-time basis. Those who perform exceptionally well in sales and referrals can earn bonuses such as vacations, sports cars, and exquisite watches. Talk Fusion also wants customers to see for themselves how Talk Fusion can work for them, so they rolled out a 30-day trial program that allows anyone to try out every app for free without even needing a credit card. Learn more:


Jeremy Goldstein working to provide his services to more people

The New York State Bar Association and its Lawyer Referral and Information Service has introduced a new program, making it easier for New York consumers and businesses who need to face any kind of legal issues. This new program offers lawyers who can handle criminal cases, child-custody cases, personal legal cases, or landlord-tenant dispute cases. Businesses and consumers now have the opportunity to find the right lawyer who operates in the same community.


The New York State Bar Association’s trusted Lawyer Referral and Information Service (LRIS) debuted a new online portal for those in need of legal assistance. The New York State Bar Association provides this service 24 hours a day and certifies that it is completely confidential. However, those needing legal service can still call the LRIS telephone service.


The New York State Bar Association made this service as a less stressful way of getting legal assistance when the time came. The New York State Bar Association has fully vetted and approved the lawyers who are provided through this new service and guarantee they are in good legal standing. The New York State Bar Association created this service in conjunction with, who is a nationwide provider of referral technology for those in the legal industry.


This new service makes it possible for lawyers to broaden their reach to more people and also offer it at a lower cost, which creates a go-to online destination for those in need. The new portal connects lawyers such as Jeremy Goldstein to those who need immediate assistance.


Jeremy Goldstein is one of New York’s top experts on corporate governance and executive compensation issues. Goldstein is currently the chairman of the Mergers & Acquisition Subcommittee of the Executive Compensation Committee of the American Bar Association Business Section.


Jeremy Goldstein has overseen many of the top corporate deals made over the last 10 years. He often speaks on corporate governance and executive compensations with different groups.


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