End Citizens United Article

Sometimes things need to change in our world today. It’s no secret that politics can get bad, and someone has to stand up for the people. That’s what this is about. End Citizens United is a grassroots group that has developed out of the community to do just that.


What is it?


End Citizens United is a group of grassroots activists that have come together to help combat politics that involves big money and control of the few for the masses. In an effort to help the people, as in all of them, to have a voice in politics, this group has been founded to speak up and stop the control of the few.


How is it Funded?


Donations have been given to help fund this grassroots group by activists that have made donations to help the cause. The report of those donations is available by viewing the latest FEC report. They pride themselves on being a transparent organization that is focused on the end goal of real transparency and government available for everyone to participate in. It’s a place for everyone, not just a few to be sure.


Why is it Important?


A group like this is a much needed to help get the big money interest groups out of Washington, and politics in general. End Citizens United raised about $4 million in under three months. They expect to raise $25 million by 2016. This is a fantastic way to beat a system where the people writing large checks are able to get what they want in politics. It works when everyone is a part of the project.


If this group is able to continue to work towards the grassroots cause, then our society could be a lot more balanced. That balance can help the political system get back to normal, and out of the hands of the people that are rich.


This type of campaign finance reform has been around for a while, but never quite this powerful. While some might feel that it is not good, others of course, as things always go, think it’s a very good idea.


While it is a primarily liberal group and fund, it has officially stated that it was created for everyone to have the best in our world today. Nobody wants to be left in the lurch. This is just one solution for the cause too. While there are many others for sure, the End Citizens United is the best in getting things done fast and efficiently for everyone, not just a privileged few. That is exactly how it should always have been from day one. They can help get that back where it belongs.