Sheldon Lavin Chief Executive Officer And Chairman Of OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is the Chief Executive Officer and Chairman of OSI Group. The OSI group, whose headquarters are in Aurora, Illinois is a privately owned firm that deals with meat processors and services the retail and the food service industry.

Lavin got into the meat processing business around 47 years back after making a turnaround from being an investor and executive in the banking sector and starting his own financial consulting business. When he joined the OSI group, McDonald’s Centric bugger supply was small, but he has managed to change it into a global supplier of food products.

The path to working at a meat industry started in 1970 when Sheldon Lavin was still working at a financial institution. Otto and Sons which is the predecessor company of OSI industries were looking for funding. The bank requested Lavin to have an ownership position at the Otto and Sons Company. Though he was not for the idea at first, he eventually gave in under the condition that he would have the same amount of leverage that the members of Otto and Sons had.

In 1975, Sheldon Lavin became more involved with the business as in fact started to look for investments overseas. Later McDonald’s asked Lavin to join in full-time business so that OSI could continue to grow with McDonald’s. Sheldon Lavin agreed to this arrangement since he has a deep appreciation for the entrepreneurial culture and strategies that were used by McDonald’s.

From there, OSI Group started too and grew in North America, Europe, South Africa and Taiwan. In the 1980s, one of the partners decided to sell out which gave Lavin half of the controlling interest. The remaining partner retired after some time which left Lavin as the sole owner. When Lavin took over, he decided to make OSI group big. Years later Lavin is still perusing the growth of the company, despite the fact that it has extended to Philippians, Australia, India, China, Japan, and, South Africa.

OSI and the McDonalds business have circled the globe and taken the culture overseas. In fact, the business is one of the largest protein suppliers in the world. OSI has over 55 facilities in 16 countries. Sheldon Lavin, with his education background in Accounting and Finance and working in a Financial Institute, has enablable him be able to take OSI to a new level.

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