Brad Reifler On How The Middle Class Can Also Play A Big Role In Investment

Few entrepreneurs can be described as titans of the Wall Street. Brad Reifler is one of these businessmen who has built a fortune investing their time and fortune on the Wall Street. Brad not only boasts of a career in financial services that spans over three decades but also a lot of fortune he has created for himself by providing investment solutions.

According to Bloomberg, how did Brad Reifler start his career on the Wall Street? In the early 80’s Mr. Reifler took the bold step of single-handedly starting financial services and Investment Company. He named the firm Reifler Trading Corporation. Little did Reifler know that a few years later RTC would become an investment powerhouse that he then sold to Refco Inc.

In the mid 90’s, Brad founded another financial service, and investment outfit called Pali Capital. At Pali, Brad Reifler held the prestigious position of CEO. He steered the company to heights of success never achieved before.

In just a decade, Pali Capital had grown by leaps and bounds. The firm boasted a global presence with management offices located in various international locations such as the U.S., Singapore, Australia, the U.K. and Latin America. With over 200 employees, Pali Capital was able to record revenues of over $200 million annually.

In the year 2009, Brad Reifler decided to start up another venture he called Forefront Management Group, LLC. Forefront is a hedge fund and financial services company. Individuals and institutions which are keen on growing the wealth can get guidance and services from Forefront. Due to its diverse clientele, Forefront can provide holistic solutions to investors and institutions. Over the years, the growth of Forefront has been on an upward curve.

Speaking to Bloomberg, Brad posits that investors need to understand how the world of financial services operates before they venture into it. They also need to scrutinize contracts investment companies before appending their signatures.

According to Brad most of the fears against hedge funds and investment is triggered by the lack of sufficient knowledge in the financial sector.

Another field of focus for Reifler is the creation of investment products that encourage the middle-income class also to take part in investment.

Fabletics Wins Foodies and Couponers

There are many people that Fabletics serves. The company wants to be able to help all the women who are trying to get fit and who want to be able to benefit from the options that are available to them. The best part about Fabletics, though, is that they are working to make sure that they can suit the needs of women around the country. They know that by offering affordable outfits that are delivered right to doors on a monthly basis, they are doing what they can for the budget friendly and the time sensitive women who are out there. The company, which was founded by super-busy woman Kate Hudson, is always trying to help women with more convenience and more affordable options to the people they serve.


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For the Krazy Coupon Lady, using Fabletics is all about saving money. The company offers an entire workout outfit for under 50 dollars. This is a huge savings and the KCL knows that it is much cheaper than buying one from one of the larger workout brands. She also knows that the quality is similar with Fabletics.


Both of these ladies, who love what Fabletics has to offer, are able to get more out of the options that they have. They are able to benefit from the clothing, the convenience and the price that comes along with the workout gear. It is something that they have been able to do and something that they both reviewed on their websites. They both loved the options available to them and that means that they are enjoying the brand. They want their followers to enjoy it, too.

Vijay Eswaran’s Own Pursuit Of Happiness

If you’ve seen one of Will Smith’s masterpiece movies The Pursuit Of Happiness, you’ve seen the struggles of a man who had to endure tremendous hardships to make a living on the way to becoming an accomplished stock broker.

Another real life story of a man following hardships of his own to reach his goals is Vijay Eswaran. Eswaran is the CEO of QI Group, a direct selling and asset management company based in Malaysia but spread throughout much of Asia as well as Europe and the Middle East.

He had to raise much of the funds for the company out of his own pocket due to a lack of lenders at the time. And if that wasn’t enough, he also had to clear the company’s reputation as well as his own from false allegations made against them. But through it all he’s emerged as one of Asia’s top 50 richest entrepreneurs.

Eswaran came from a family that taught him several virtues growing up including serving others above self. He received his bachelor’s degree in 1984 from London’s School of Economics and his master’s in 1986 from Southern Illinois University, though he did also spend a year working odd jobs. Read more: Vijay Eswaran in Forbes Philanthropy Heroes list

He decided to join the Cosway Group back in Malaysia after spending several years as an IT consultant, and during this time he became an expert in direct selling and network marketing. In 1998 he and Joseph Bismarck established QI Group and began the long process of building its subsidiaries.

Eswaran also values philanthropy as part of QI Group’s mission and he is the Chairman of RYTHM Foundation. This philanthropic organization serves communities through partnerships with workers who help children with disabilities, food banks, disaster relief teams and educational resources. Eswaran also tries to help others through spiritualism and special dieting and meditation routines.

He’s drawn inspiration from Mahatma Gandhi who also followed spiritual principles for healthy living and moments of silence and listening. Eswaran also travels to speak at universities, business summits and economic gatherings including the World Economic Forum in Davos and the Global Indian Meet where he was given the New Global Indian award in 2012.